welcome to st. aloysius life teen!

LIFE TEEN is a Catholic high school youth group that is designed to teach the Truth. Our goal is to reach out to teens on four levels: spiritual, emotional, social, and educational. We meet each Sunday at 5:15pm to celebrate the Catholic Mass, complete with contemporary music and a homily that won’t leave a teen wondering how the Gospels relate to him. Afterwards, we move over to the meeting area where we have some time for fellowship over a free meal. After dinner, we move into our LifeNight which may be about a relevant issue, an educational teaching, or just about having fun in a social atmosphere. Regardless of the subject, we always aim to include teens in an interactive way. Sessions are filled with skits and music as well as time for prayer and meditation. We believe that teens are eager to hear the Truth in a fun, and open environment. The LifeNight generally begins around 6:30pm and runs until 8:30 pm.

For more information about LifeTeen, visit LifeTeen.com!

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