Living the Eucharist 2018

Three Opportunities Are Available

*1. Participate in a small home group and share your faith with others!

*2. Individuals can participate by reading, studying, and praying at home!

*3. Families can participate by reading, praying, and enjoying faith-based activities!

*Family books are $5 – Small Group and Individual books are $6

Choose an opportunity that will enrich your Catholic Life during Lent.

Sign-up early on the weekends of January 14th and the 21st in order to have sufficient supplies and to organize small groups. For more information call/email: Bob and Nancy Hall @ 828.322.9570 or or Barbara Speers @ 828.495.7405 or

This is a parish-based six-week program, 90-minute sessions, beginning the week of Ash Wednesday, February 14th  and ending the week before Palm Sunday, March 25th. It is designed to renew and deepen the Eucharistic spirituality of parishioners in the following ways:

  • Greater appreciation, understanding, preparing for, and participating in Sunday Mass!
  • Deeper, more intentional engagement in parish life!
  • Keener awareness of living as a disciple of Jesus!